Magazzino Italian Art Safety Protocols

At Magazzino Italian Art, the safety of our visitors, staff and community is our top priority. We ask that all visitors abide by the following protocols to ensure the health and safety of all persons at the museum. 

Beginning on Thursday, August 26, 2021, we will require all visitors over the age of 12 to provide documentation of vaccination against COVID-19. This documentation may include: 

If you received the vaccine outside the U.S., you must have an official immunization record that includes:

All visitors must wear masks in order to enter the museum and while inside the building. We are currently not admitting unvaccinated guests. 

Learn more about New York City’s requirements here. To find out where to get a free COVID-19 vaccine, visit or call 877-VAX-4NYC (877-829-4692).

Before your visit, please note: 

  • If any of the below statements apply to you at the time of your visit, we ask that you please reschedule your reservation for a later date:

  • You are currently experiencing, or have in the last 14 days experienced or displayed, symptoms including: an elevated temperature or fever of 100.4 or higher, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, persistent headaches.
  • You have been in close contact with anyone who in the last 14 days has either confirmed or is suspected of being infected with COVID-19.
  • All areas of the museum building are being routinely disinfected by professional cleaners multiple times per day.
  • All guests in a given group must be listed by name on your reservation. If they are not listed on your confirmation email, we invite them to connect with our visitor services team to reserve the next available time slot.  
  • Visitors who arrive more than 15 minutes late will be asked to reschedule their visit. Our team is happy to assist you in making a new reservation on site. 
  • Museum staff will take all visitors’ temperatures at the building entry point using a contact free, infrared thermometer. If you have any questions or concerns about this practice, please reach out to before your visit.  
  • All visitors are required to wear a mask or appropriate face covering while on the premises. If you do not have one, our team is happy to provide one for you upon entry to the museum. 
  • Food and drink are not permitted inside the museum. Before entering the museum, we ask that you please comply with in-gallery rules and do not bring beverages inside the building.
  • Please be prepared to use your own mobile device to access exhibition-related materials and information. Free WiFi is available on site. If you do not have a mobile device, please reach out to to make alternate arrangements prior to your visit. 

Upon arriving at Magazzino Italian Art: 

  • If you arrive before your scheduled reservation time, please feel free to walk around and enjoy the museum’s gardens and grounds.
  • To the best of your ability, please practice social distancing. We ask that all visitors maintain a six-foot or two-meter distance between themselves and other parties at all times. For lines and queues outside the building and on the museum’s grounds, Magazzino Italian Art will provide guidance to help gauge your spatial awareness. 
  • Please have your digital ticket ready to present at the first check-in point upon arrival. A team member will use an infrared thermometer to check your temperature upon entering the museum building.
  • Please use the hand sanitation station upon entry into the museum. We encourage all visitors to use hand sanitation stations as needed throughout the visit. 
  • Wear a mask, face shield, or face covering. If you do not have one, our team is happy to provide one for you upon entry to the museum. 

During your visit:

  • Restrooms are available for your use. We ask that you refrain from forming lines or queues when using the restroom inside the museum. 
  • Please refer to all in-gallery signage and wayfinding to direct your visit. All visitors will start at gallery one and follow a predetermined path through gallery eight.
  • Please use your own mobile device to access the digital brochure and audio guide. Free WiFi is available and will direct you to the digital brochure in order to access more information about the works on view. When listening to the audio guide in the galleries, we ask that you use headphones as not to disturb other visitors.
  • Please keep your mask on at all times while inside the museum. 

End of your visit: 

  • Upon exiting, we ask that visitors please do not re-enter the museum. 
  • For use of the restroom, please use the parking lot-adjacent facilities.

Magazzino Italian Art reserves the right to enforce these protocols.