Marinella Senatore: Cold Spring Soundtrack

December 21, 2020
Magazzino Da Casa

Press play to listen to the final version of the Cold Spring Soundtrack here:

In the spirit of finding a collective community voice and building on her 2019 processional performance in the Village of Cold Spring, Magazzino Italian Art and artist Marinella Senatore collaborated this fall to launch Cold Spring Soundtrack.

Initiated through an open call that ran from September 9 through November 7, 2020, Senatore invited volunteers to share short sound recordings of any moment that reflected of their current one. Volunteers participated by calling in and leaving a voicemail or sharing an audio recording via email or text message.

Contributions received included audio recordings of rain, trains, frogs, roosters, cicadas, crickets, a bicycle commute, construction in the neighboring apartment, construction on one’s roof, morning birdsong, a beloved cat purring in its final days, the bells of cathedrals in Florence, Italy and Kingston, NY, soundscapes of silent cities in isolation, Black Lives Matter protest chants, socially distanced high school graduations, sung renditions of favorite songs, a virtual memorial service, a birthday party, spoken word poetry, the tune of a recorder, violin duets, a choral ensemble, electronic music compositions, the sounds of anticipation and celebration upon receiving the results of the 2020 presidential election, and more.

At the end of the period of open submissions, Senatore and composer Emiliano Branda created an original score that interweaves every contribution received, creating a symphonic soundscape made up of individual voices.

At the heart of this project is the desire to find a cohesive, empowered voice and explore how individual contributions can lead to meaningful, collective action. The project was completed entirely through remote participation, meeting the current moment when the pandemic still looms, practices of isolation and social distancing are still in effect, yet collaboration across communities is most needed.

Featuring contributions by:


Alex Laverde

Alexandra Theodoropoulos

Alix Tucou

Andrew W. Garn

Anna Amico Lyons

Arthur Armilio

Big Wheel Popcorn

Bonnie Stein

Cecilia Biagini

Chari Arespacochaga

Chrissy Malvasi

Ciaran Groarke

Cory Nyren & Tyson Traynor

Dan McGroarty's Middle School Music Students

Dana Spiegel

Daniel Basiletti

Dead End Beverly

Donna Pidala

Franc Palaia, Artist / Musician

Geoff Dugan + Pat Courtney

Gustav Baller

Hélène Bass

Ibukun Sunday

Irene O'Garden, Poet and Author

J. Amyryllis

Jefferson, the last pterodactyl

Jhh Lowengard

Joe Dizney

Joseph C. Tedeschi

Joseph Sannicandro

Juan Carlos Bragado

Juliet Vincente

Kamran Sadeghi

Kate Orne

Letizia Scarpello

Lorna Whittemore


M Knaggs

Mariano Del Rosario

Marinella Senatore

Marla Rathbun 

Mark J. Sciuchetti Jr.

Maryann Syrek

Nadia Martinez

Nathan Kwon

Ned P. Rauch

Nenad Bach, Composer and a Peacemaker

Neyla Arnas

Nicole Caruso

Oidie Kuijpers

Pat Galfano

Patrick Kee Kietsrichart

Patti Bleicher

Paul Bright, collagist

Paula Andros


Pulkovo the cat, Garrison

Rachel Evans

Rachel Gould & Jason Boggs

Raymond Weisner

Roswell Rudd/Kathleen Anderson

Russell Cusick

Simone Goldenberg

Souls United of the Hudson Valley

Stefano Albertini

Steve Anderson, Lake Valhalla 

Suran Song

Tee W.

Tenley Bick

The Brasiles Ensemble

The Gray/Glotzer family

The Larese Family

Thomas Huber

Vittoria Chierici

Vittorio Calabrese

Vivian Galle Murphy

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey

Yanyan Huang


About Marinella Senatore

Marinella Senatore (b. 1977) is a multimedia artist currently based in Rome and Paris who creates projects with a strong collective and participatory dimension. Inspired by protest, public ceremonies, civic rituals, and mass public events, Senatore focuses on collective activities and the public forum. Trained in music, fine arts, and film, Senatore uses a broad spectrum of media to encourage exchange of individual stories and cultures across social divides.

In 2013, she founded The School of Narrative Dance, a nomadic, free school focused on non-hierarchical learning. The multidisciplinary school, conceived of as an alternative training ground, offers free workshops engaging local groups and public activations, where the artist and participants together orchestrate narratives, tracing new connections between contemporary relations. In November 2019, Senatore collaborated with Magazzino to bring The School of Narrative Dance to the streets of Cold Spring, engaging nearly 100 professional and amateur performers from throughout the Hudson Valley in a monumental procession and perfromative celebration of community.

Her work has been exhibited widely throughout Italy and abroad, including MANIFESTA 12, Palermo; Centre Pompidou, Paris; MAXXI Museum, Rome; Queens Museum, New York; Kunsthaus Zurich; Castello di Rivoli, Turin; Kunsthalle, Sankt Gallen; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; High Line, New York; Madre Museum, Naples; Les Laboratories d’Aubervilliers, Paris; Faena Art Forum, Miami; Serpentine Gallery, London; Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA; Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid; Palazzo Grassi, Venice; Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam; Moderna Museet, Stockholm; amongst others. Senatore has received numerous awards, including the 4th edition of Italian Council (2018) of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries (DGAAP), International Art Grant in Dresden (2017), the MAXXI Prize (2014), and The New York Prize (2010).