April 1 - May 30, 2020
Magazzino Da Casa

About Homemade

As this time requires all of us to think and act in unprecedented ways, Homemade was created to support and engage artists working at home, out of the studio, with materials that are on hand and perhaps unfamiliar in their existing practice. Through regular group meetings and moments of artistic exchange (conducted virtually), Homemade seeks to forge community during this moment of global isolation. The participating artists will creatively reimagine how to approach their own practice under these conditions and explore concepts of the quotidian, social connection, and productivity. 

Learn more about the participating artists Alessandro Teoldi, Andrea Mastrovito, Beatrice Scaccia, Danilo Correale, Davide Balliano, Francesco Simeti, Luisa Rabbia, and Maria D. Rapicavoli below and follow along in the coming weeks as they create a single new work, document its evolution, and narrate their process. 

Part 1 of 4

After just a week of working on their projects, the eight artists participating in Homemade have focused on themes that feel especially relevant to our current moment: connection, productivity, hoarding, nature, fear, health and domesticity. 

While all of the artists’ works share an interest in how our notions of and relationships to time are shifting in this moment, their interests are broad and varied. This diversity of thought and approach presents an already engaging and expansive range of projects that will, together, paint a unique and timely portrait of this unprecedented period. 

While being confined to their homes and studios has presented challenges and restrictions, it has also given these artists newfound freedom. Through the support of the Magazzino community, organized Zoom conversations and opportunities for exchange and discourse, the participating artists have opted to step outside of their comfort zones and lean into uncertainty. Many have chosen to work with unfamiliar materials or mediums that they have always wanted to explore but have not had the opportunity to. 

We are very enthusiastic about how these projects are developing and are eager to share how they progress over the coming weeks.

Part 2 of 4

A month after the project’s launch, the artists of Homemade are diving deeper into their work and acquiring new skills and perspectives along the way. Many are experimenting with mediums they have never worked with before, while others are returning to familiar methods of making but from an entirely new position. Each artist is confronting challenges and finding meaning and even joy in discovering solutions. One project outcome that is shared by all is a renewed sense of purpose in approaching their at home or in studio practices. Despite any initial fear and reticence these artists had about leaning into unknown creative territory, having the space and time to playfully explore their interior worlds is inspiring their work and brightening time indoors. 

We hope you enjoy seeing how their work has progressed just as much as we have and that you, too, are uplifted and heartened by their artistic creations.

Part 3 of 4

As the artists of Homemade have been developing their projects over the past month and a half, there has been something else beautiful in the making: community. Between weekly aperitivi, Zoom check-in meetings, and frequent email exchanges, the artists and team have formed a small family, a group for exchange and critique. As we navigate this unprecedented moment separately from our own homes, we are also finding comfort, support, friendship, and care together through this project. We are collectively moved by the depth and vulnerability of each artist’s work just as we are inspired and invigorated by the bonds that are being created along with it. 

Part 4 of 4

After two months of diligent work, candid conversation, and new discoveries, the eight artists of Homemade have completed their works. It is hard to believe how quickly this time has flown by, and now that the project has come to a close, we are taking time to reflect on the process our collective experience. Trust, courage, and enthusiasm have been driving forces for each of the artists, leading them toexplore uncharted creative terrain and to meet fear with audacity. Furthermore, it has become abundantly clear that this project has served as a tangible evocation of Helen Keller's famous words: "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." While working in isolation presented the possibility of a solitary experience, the Homemade team united through the channels we had available, choosing to complete this project collectively and, most importantly, with care and regard for one another. We could not be prouder of what the artists have accomplished and the ways in which they have done so, and we hope that you enjoy their final works as much as we have.

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