Magazzino Educational Scholarship 2021 Application

April 14, 2021

Thank you for your interest in the Magazzino Educational Scholarship. The Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce created this scholarship in partnership with Magazzino Italian Art. The scholarship rewards a high school senior or junior from Philipstown who is dedicated to the visual arts or museum management and who exhibits exemplary community service and entrepreneurship. The 2021 scholarship includes an award of $1,000, to be applied to professional development, and a paid internship at Magazzino in the Visitor Services department, an opportunity normally limited to college-level students. Intern responsibilities will include research and hands-on projects related to the museum’s collection and institutional events. 


1. Your contact information and a list of your employment and volunteer activities during your high school years. Include the names of your employers and of the organizations for which you volunteered and what you did for each. 

2. A résumé or list of any art studies and art-related extracurricular activities you pursued during your high school years, including organizations where you worked and individuals with whom you studied during these pursuits. 

3. A brief essay describing how one of the jobs or volunteer commitments listed in item 1 enriched your life or influenced your career direction. Include in your essay a statement about your relationship to the arts and how they influence your community.

4. Two letters of recommendation, one from an employer or volunteer leader and one from a teacher.

5. Optional: Pictures of up to three works from your art portfolio, or essays you have written on art history or Italian culture, or other examples of your interest in the Italian language, in the history or art of Italy, or in Italian culture more broadly.  

Please return your application no later than June 7, 2021, to:

The scholarship will be presented at the monthly breakfast meeting of the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce on June 15, 2021, at 9:30 a.m.

Magazzino Italian Art does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, sex, age, physical or mental disabilities, sexual orientation, or national origin. The scholarship will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.

Candidates with questions about this process should reach out to Eve Aaron at

Good luck on your application. 

About the Sponsors

Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce

The Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce seeks to strengthen the businesses and community in and around Cold Spring, New York, through promotion, advocacy, civic engagement, philanthropy, and stewardship. The Chamber aims for sustainable economic growth that attracts resources to the region without harming its social or environmental fabric.

Magazzino Italian Art

Located in Cold Spring, New York, Magazzino Italian Art is a museum and research center dedicated to advancing scholarship and public appreciation of postwar and contemporary Italian art in the United States. The nonprofit museum serves as an advocate for Italian artists as it celebrates the range of their creative practices from Arte Povera to the present. Through its curatorial, scholarly, and public initiatives, Magazzino explores the impact and enduring resonances of Italian art on a global level.

Meaning “warehouse” in Italian, Magazzino was co-founded by Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu. The 20,000 square-foot museum, designed by Spanish architect Miguel Quismondo, opened its doors in 2017, creating a new cultural hub and community resource within the Hudson Valley.

Admission is free to the public.