Cinema in Piazza

July 17 – 19, 2020
Cinema in Piazza. Photo by Alexa Hoyer.

For its third annual summer film program, Magazzino presents a weekend-long festival of films by and about Italian artists. Organized in collaboration with Artecinema—an international festival of films on contemporary art based in Naples—Cinema in Piazza is co-curated by Magazzino Director Vittorio Calabrese and Artecinema Founder Laura Trisorio.

Details on screenings follow below:


Luca Vitone’s Romanistan (2019)

Screening begins at sunset on July 17

This documentary explores the migration of the Roma people into Europe, filmed as artist and filmmaker Luca Vitone and his team traveled across the Balkans interviewing local Roma people about their lives.


Andrea Mastrovito’s Io Non Sono Leggenda (2020)

Screening begins at sunset on July 18

This animated feature film investigates themes of identity and relationships through a reimagined version of George Andrew Romero's classic horror film, Night of the Living Dead (1968).


Daniele Costantini’s Il Venditore di Colore (2019)

Screening begins at sunset on July 19

This film profiles Mimmo Mancini, owner of Ditta Poggi, the renowned and beloved art store hidden along the side streets near the Pantheon in Rome.